Monday, February 24, 2020

Morepork dlo

today we were doing a Google drawing about moreporks. We had to pick an animal and learn facts about it. We also got put into groups and I learnt so much about moreporks you know. What I learnt is that moreporks are small looking birds that looks like an owl. They Eat insects and what I also learnt is that they hunt at night for invertebrates and beetles.

Friday, November 1, 2019


I watched the video and in the video it shows heaps and heaps of sheep and 4 or 5 sheepdogs getting the sheeps in their cage thing or something like that. There were like 100 or more sheep in the farm and they were going like slow and fast. the sheep looks like when there moving looks like a big wave that's slowly moving towards the farm gate.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

babe the pig

i think the movie is about the pig and the pigs name is babe and hes living in the farm with all the other animals .Babe is also a female and what i actually noticed in the video clip was babe known as the pig lives without his mom and she lives with fly the sheepdog. what we know so far is fly is a sheepdog and has 4 children of her own and babe is a pig and theirs heaps of other different animals.

i think the animals feel about seeing babe is probably happy because they want another member to join the farm. babes feelings are like probably like he feels happy and a little sad because he left his mom to work here and happy because he feels like hes family to the new farm hes living in and working in.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Babe - the sheeppig

In reading my group was reading babe the sheep pig. Next we had to read the book up to chapter 3 and pretty much blog about what we know and who we have met so far. The characters in the story are able the pig, fly and sheep dogs and mr and Mrs. Hogget.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Trip to Orana park

on Monday we were going on a trip. the first thing we did was oh well on the first period we had to meet in the learning commens and we got to eat. after all that we went in groups and we got given our name and a number on it to see what group your in. the groups were group 1 and group 2 and my class and tz went walking to the bus and it took half an hour until we got there. when my class and tz arrived we had to walk out and walk through and this lady told us some warnings when we go through the orana park. we had to go in our groups and i was group 1 and we saw lots of animals like giraffes and gorrialas and other kinds of animals. we learnt not to stare at the gorilla right in the eye because it will make them mad because they will think you want to fight them. The lady also told us when we saw this other animal don't hang on the glass wall otherwise it will hurt or kill us something like that. We also got to feed the giraffes and it was fun and the zoo keeper that showed us around was Bethany and elizabeth. When we were finish bn and TZ went to the bus and drove off to school.

Friday, September 13, 2019


What is scratch ? Scracth is a website you can create all kinds of things like stories and games and animations.

What app do you prefer to use ? I prefer to use scratch because it is very easy and easier to do and it's like basic work

How can you use that app to solve your problem ? By solving the problem you can solve problems on scratch with other games and animations and stuff 

How do you use it ?

You get your device and you log up and you get to decide what animation or app or game or whatever you want to do

Wednesday, September 11, 2019


1. Hornby High School is collecting your stationary
2. Hornby High School is collecting recycling
3. Stationary can be dropped off in the staff room or your classroom
4. They bring it to us during the school day
5. So we do not waste rubbish so we are turning it into recycling and reusing it
6. They can support by recycling the rubbish

This is my DLO

1. We could share the message with everyone
2. Students and parents and teachers and caregivers
3. I think we should collect 57kgs or more because I think that's enough for now

4. We should spend it on important stuff