Thursday, September 17, 2020

Business and Enterprise

 stitch by stitch is our group name , I've got a group too & the people that are in my group are , Talia , Chloe , and Mya . So what we've been working on is business and enterprise and what product me and my group are making is weat bags and face masks , We are upto doing out poster at the moment we only started cutting the paper and then drawing our logo on it but we need to do more you know . Well our groups next steps are well my next steps are making the face masks and wheat bags , market day is next week 23th of September on Wednesday , a lot of kids are excited but I'm not , I just dont find it fun , but hopefully I will like it , were selling about 10 face masks and weat bags I think .we haven't really done much but we will make it to the next stage to where we can finish it all in time .


Tuesday, August 4, 2020

200 word challenge

This music reminds me of regretful moments & unhappy thoughts you know , it didn't even sound joyful , happy , excited it sounded really depressed and sad of piano playing in the background , it was very low and quiet , the mood sounded very sorrowful and downhearted.

Monday, August 3, 2020


we are working on distillation
evaporation condensation\

we are doing the science experiment
we separated the coke and formed water and sugar from the coke you know.

Particle theory

Particle theory

1. particles make up everything
2. particles are always moving
3. particles are attracted to each other
hotter - faster
cooler - slower
- always space between particles


particles move from high concentration (where there is more)
to low concentration  (less particles)

Introduction : This week we are gonna learn well this week we are learning about particles theory

Aim :   well particles get more faster when you heat it up , and particles will move slower when you cool it down.hypothesis :  i think that

100 word challange

one day i got up early and went outside on my way to walk off to school. When i was half way of school i saw MacDonald's so i went to go buy something from there for 5 mins. Next i started to walk out and walk off to school and then after 20 mins i was there. Then i saw my friends and me and my friends started to wait in the cafe. Next the bell rang and we all went to class together 

100 challenge

Well the big intelligent zebra is in the blue high sky and he looks like is about to run onto the rope and probably going towards his secret house or something like that and the amazing smart zebra just transported and took himself there just like that and that's very smart you know and he went to get to his secret house in the sky to go to his family and friends